Biggest. Dorks. EVER.

In the first installment in our Better Know Your Bloggers Series, we argue that Kaizerin and her partner Modhran are, in fact, the biggest dorks in the world. There’s a big ol’ pile of evidence to sift through: the fact their house has four working laptops running on three platforms, the stacks of graphic novels, the shelves full of sci-fi books and action figures–but all of that says more “geek” than “dork.” No, here’s what makes them dorks:


That’s a picture of Kaizerin waiting to get her car’s biannual DEQ check–a prerequisite to renewing tags. Kai is in the car; Modhran took the picture–from his desk, at home, some fifteen miles away. See, they have cameras so you can check to see how busy the DEQ station is before you head over, and Kai called Modhran all “I’m going to the DEQ, honey–watch for me on the monitors and I’ll wave at you!” And he did, and recorded it for posterity.


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4 Responses to Biggest. Dorks. EVER.

  1. Ramona The Cute says:

    Know why no one has posted a comment before now?
    Because we were all trying to think up something to out dork you.
    Guess what? You win. 😉 w/lol

  2. kaizerin says:

    Hee! I gathered I had stunned you all into silence with that awesome display of dork.

  3. CountessZ says:

    I was actually just bowled over with the cuteness of it all. That and trying to come up with some way that I could out dork you 😉
    Still thinking…

  4. kaizerin says:

    Careful there, CZ. You could pull a muscle trying to outdork Modhran and me. (Perhaps this entry needs a “We are professional dorks. Do not try this at home!” warning?

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