Plans, Plans, Plans

Sorry about the little unannounced vacation from the blog, everyone. I went off on a three-day anniversary vacation, and when I came back, I got thrown headfirst into two high-pressure, short-turn projects. The Countess has had a similar combination of work and play cutting into her reading time, so between us, no blogging got done. We’ll get back on track right quick here.

We’ve got some good stuff in the works–I’ve finally got my hands on (and brain into) Mineko Iwasaki’s autobiography, so we’ll be revisiting the flower and willow world of the geisha soon. I’m also in the midst of an ongoing quest to read the sci fi canon–all the great, classic titles that informed the books I grew up loving. About a year ago, following a visit to the Sci Fi Museum in Seattle, I decided it was time to discover the roots of my ‘home’ genre. It’s been fascinating and enjoyable–some of the books become treasured new favorites (Alas, Babylon; The Stars My Destination), others seem to have lost something in the translation to the 21st century (Slan, anyone? Valis?)

I know the Countess has some interesting things on the bubble, as well–including, possibly, an abandoned book! Will she put it down? Will she push on through? Either way, it should make for an interesting discussion.

The next Bookish Dark ‘everybody reads’ title is Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. This is a re-read for both of us, and probably for many of you, as well. If it’s new to you, you’re in for a treat–Gaiman is an enchanting writer who sweeps you up into his fantasy and carries you along effortlessly. His books practically read themselves–once you start one, you are so delighted and involved and curious, you can hardly set it down until you get to the end. And that, my friends, is the undersell. If you want to hear my oversell on Gaiman, well, sit back. You’ll be here a while. I LOVE the man’s work, and you will, too. (He’s a much easier sell than my other Hero Named Nei(a)l, Neal Stephenson. Gaiman recommends always come back to me with stars shining in their eyes; some Stephenson recommends catch the fire, but others come back daunted and confused.)

Finally, you’ll be hearing a bit of a shift in tone around the Bookish Dark, because it spiked to 94 degrees in Portland yesterday, and with the advent of summer comes a condition known as Summer Brain. When it gets picante outside, all I want to do is splash around in lightweight, silly, quick reads. Yup, summer=chicklit in Kaiworld, and I’ve got a pile on standby already. I apologize in advance for the featherweight reads to come, and I assure you that the first breath of autumn always brings back my literary gravitas. But in the meantime, it’s gonna get a little silly at my end of the pool. Please feel free to dive on in!

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2 Responses to Plans, Plans, Plans

  1. Ramona the Confused says:

    Neal Stephenson? I think I get him confused with Stephen Donaldson; the Thomas Covenant series? Right? Neil or Neal? Which should I read first?

  2. kaizerin says:

    No, Neal Stephenson isn’t Stephen Donaldson, but I can see where you might confuse the names (though not their books!) Yes, Stephen Donaldson wrote the Thomas Covenant series. You’re not as confused as you think. 🙂

    Definitely start with the Gaiman. We’ll ease into Stephenson later.

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