Hallowed Falls

My love’s a quarter-million miles away
And she’s seven thousand miles around.
When I’m walking on her surface,
Gravity’s one-sixth of normal
So my feet don’t hardly touch the ground.

From her mares to her uplands, from her faces to her craters,
She’s the shining sphere that dominates my dreams.
We’re orbiting together “˜round our center of attraction,
Now my days and nights are coming up moonbeams!

~The Chromatics, “Lunar Love”

There was a great big silver moon peeking in my windows last night””did she come to your house, too? She’ll be back again tonight, so keep an eye out for her.

What is it about the full moons of the autumn months that makes them so evocative? The angle of inclination? The time of night that they rise? Or is the ambience in which we watch them””the cool air, the skittering leaves? Whatever it is, autumn moons always strike me as the Platonic ideal; moons during the rest of the year are pretty, but somehow, they don’t have the same pull on my heart.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a nut for autumn in general. The calendar ticking over into September last Friday boosted my mood several notches, despite the fact that it was 93 degrees that day. The heat didn’t matter; the fact that it’s September means Fall is rushing upon us. Already, I’ve noticed the color turning in a few trees, and dark is falling appreciably earlier. Even though the days are bright blue late-summer glories, the nights are cool, misty, whispery. Oh, it’s a-comin’, no doubt. Lovely September, harbinger of the best season of the year, foyer to my favorite month, creepy, chilly, romantic, haunted October. And I am so ready for it! Ready for ghouls and goblins in the stores and on the streets, ready for non-stop horror marathons on the movie channels, ready for glowing candles in the early dark and funny yard displays, ready to shuffle through piles of crisp leaves and to need a jacket in the mornings. I’m even ready for the annual parade of classic movie monsters shilling soda pop and potato chips in commercials and on store displays. Bring it on, bring it on! I’m shivering with anticipation.

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  1. Ramona says:

    Kai – Lovely sentiments. Beautifully written. But I believe the REAL significance of this particular full moon was the kickoff of the NFL season!

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