Hey there, mooched any good books lately? What’s that? Mooching is selfish and irresponsible, and you’ve never mooched a book in your life? Well, it’s time you started! Hie thee to BookMooch, a sort of online book swap meet. No money changes hands, just books (senders are responsible for the postage.) You get points for the books you give away, and can spend those points to request books from others. You get a 1/10th point credit for every book you list as available for mooching, so list 10 books you’re willing to ship off and never see again, and they’ll let you request a book from someone else!

It’s got the best elements of Amazon (you can make a wishlist, and BookMooch will notify you when a book you want becomes available) and eBay (a feedback system by which you can rate the Moochers you do business with.) All that, and FREE BOOKS, too! And if you’re like me (and you’re here, so you probably are), the real benefit of BookMooch is the market of eager Moochers it presents, all ready to take your unwanted books off your hands and off your shelves!

It’s only been around for a few months, but there are thousands of people enrolled, all over the world (Bearby in London, there are lots of U.K. users, so get in there and get trading!) Not that you have to trade only in-country: it costs more (point-wise) to mooch a book from outside your country, and you have to make sure in advance that the moochee is willing to ship to you before requesting their book, but don’t let that stop you! Lots of Moochers are willing to ship internationally, because BookMooch offsets the extra cost of international postage by awarding more points when you send a book out of country.

There’s even a function whereby you can donate points you’ve built up to a variety of worthy causes: schools, public libraries, prisons–you can even tip your BookMooch hosts, to thank them for dreaming up this marvelous service. They’re giving mooching a good name!

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4 Responses to BookMooch!

  1. CAS says:

    What a lovely site, Bearish! I have signed up and am quite happy to list the books I would like to find adoptive for! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. kaizerin says:

    Isn’t it the coolest?! I’m very enthusiastic about it, as you can tell. I’ve given away three books so far, and have mooched two.

  3. CAS says:

    I got my first request for a swap in three hours! It was pretty amazing! I took a look at your list, Bearish- and I would like to mooch one from you offline if you would not mind. The Llewelyn Mens Spirituality one would be a nice addition to my collection!

    So, I started a new book this week “From the Corner of His Eye” by Koontz. You know me and my horror novels. I have to say, though, it has not really hooked me and I am already halfway through. The one thing that is interesting is that has some psychological twists, like the exploration of spontaneous homicidal impulse that is fairly scary. I don’t think that I would go out of my way to recommend the book, however.

    I also finished about three others in the past few weeks. One is called “Messiah” by Boris Starling. It was a crime thriller. The main character is a tortured DI named “Red” Metcalf, who is a sympathetic and interesting character. The story line was full of twists and turns, and had a lot of wonderfully descriptive London scences. Overall, I would recommend this one for your Bearish, except it does have one or two passages that are “that thing that they did on ER…” Nothing that a vetran of several CSI episodes could not handle!

  4. CAS says:

    I just got another request from BookMooch as well. How interesting. This one came from Israel, looking for the book “Watching the English”. A very funny read!

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