Not Reading, Knitting

Hi, sorry! Sorry! I know we’ve been terribly neglectful of this blog and you, our faithful readers. The good news is, we’ve tracked down the problem: it turns out that CountessZ and I have both undergone a renewed obsession with our other favorite pastime, knitting, and neither of us have read a darned thing lately””or at least, nothing that isn’t knitting-related.

The bad news is, we don’t know how long this situation is going to go on. I know it’s hard for non-fiber-loving people to understand, but we are in the throes of passion, people! We are subsumed in color, texture and pattern, unable to tear ourselves away for any but the most pressing of needs (if you could see the laughable dinner I was finally forced by near-starvation to scrounge together around 8:30 last night, you might get a sense of how hard it is for us to function during these “˜knit fits.’)

We’re trying, I promise. I know I read some really good stuff before this mania overtook me (Volcanoes! Sherlock Holmes! Vampires!), so maybe I’ll get some of that written up for you. We have a long-overdue discussion of Neverwhere to open up. (PS: Ramona, we are also awaiting your long-promised reaction to “Shrodinger’s Ball.” Feel free to help us jump-start this baby!) I’ve reclaimed my lunch breaks for reading, and have started in on a creepy medical/space thriller Carter recommended. (Note for future reference: if you need to pry my attention away from knitting, astronauts are a pretty good crowbar.)

Please stick around, and we’ll try to get you more regular Bookish content. Or, failing that, what color would you like your scarf to be?

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