Bookish Summit

After years of discussion, planning and almost-meetings, we madcap ladies of the Bookishdark are finally getting the much dreamt of vacation we deserve. And the best part? It is just one short month away. Well, the best part might be that it is in San Francisco. Or the best part of it may be that I will finally be able to while away the better part of a day exploring, chattering, knitting and sipping tea with one of my most favorite people on the planet. Take your pick, they are all pretty exciting prospects.

The yarn stores have been mapped out. The itinerary has been mostly planned. And let me tell you, it is amazing what we are going to cram into the space of just four days and three nights.

Of course, no trip to the bay city is complete without a stop at the legendary City Lights. I know I am in the minority, but Ferlinghetti is my favorite of the beat poets, so the prospect of just standing in his store (let alone purchasing a book) fills me with no small degree of awe and amazement. So we will definitely have to make some room in our schedule for that. As a matter of fact, since I will be arriving a few days ahead of Kai, I would imagine that this trip will involve a couple of visits there to just make sure I soak it all in. It’s a little bit like going to Paris and visiting Shakespeare & Company. An absolute literary must. The fact that such institutions still exist gives me great pleasure, and I am always happy to hear that these landmarks have found ways to continue even when surrounded by the Barnes & Noble’s and’s of the world.

Kai also reminded me that we will actually be together over our first year blogoversary, so there will be some fun,creative co-blogging as well! I am still searching out some other important literary landmarks in San Fran, so let me know if you have any thoughts…

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9 Responses to Bookish Summit

  1. kaizerin says:

    My thought is, “Woooooo!”

    Oh, did you mean to let you know if we had any coherent thoughts? Um…I’ll work on that. đŸ™‚

  2. kaizerin says:

    I mentioned our upcoming Knitapalooza By the Bay to my felted-clogs class this week, emphasizing that this was my first chance to knit in person with my Knitting Mentor, and they are very sweetly hyper-excited for me! One insisted we must see Alcatraz and go across the Bridge–I had to gently let her down on both counts. (Unless you really want to do the Bridge.) The teacher was all cooing and envious about our plan to camp out at Artfibers one afternoon, and mentioned Imagiknits, too. And of course, City Lights was mentioned several times.

    I think we’ve got us a good plan, m’dear.

  3. CountessZ says:

    I went to Alcatraz the last time I was in San Francisco at the insistence of my mother who was with me. I was totally surprised at how much I liked it. We did the audio tour, which sounded completely lame to me at the time, but ended up being one of the most enjoyable touristy things I’ve done in a long time. Have you ever gone?

  4. CountessZ says:

    Which is not to say that I want to go, I don’t. Once was enough. Though I’d probably do it again if someone wanted to. I was just curious about why you don’t want to g since you’ve mentioned a couple of times.

  5. kaizerin says:

    Oh, I want to see it sometime, it just seems like the kind of thing you have to give half a day or more to, and we have limited time as it is. No, I’m sure it’s fascinating…it just doesn’t fit with the focus of this trip.

  6. Ramona the Reader says:

    I agree with the Countess, there is something fascinating about Alcatraz. I probably would not have gone on my own, but went along with hubby – and did the self guided audio tour. I have to say, I was much more emotionally invested in seeing Kilmainham, but there are similar, eerie echoes in both places.
    Kai – you are probably right in saving the Island for another trip. It does eat up a chunk of a day. Are you doing Coit Tower? It was a place I had always wanted to go to after hearing another Iowa tourist talk about it 40 years ago. So many places, so little time.
    Glad to see Big Stone Gap on your reading list. I’ll get the next two in the mail to you soon.

  7. CountessZ says:

    Yeah, it does eat up a lot of time, and definitely is not the focus of the trip. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

  8. Ramona the Reader says:

    Me too!!! And I won’t even be there! Excited for you two!

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