I’ve read four whole books this year! And three of them weren’t even about knitting! I know, it’s a pretty sad record, averaging two weeks per book, instead of the other way around. What can I say? The knitting, it has me.

But Laurie King is doing her best to draw me back into the world of books. I finished the fifth Mary Russell adventure, O Jerusalem, during lunch on Tuesday, and it was easily up to the standard set by the earlier books in the series, perhaps even surpassing them. Russell spends most of the book masquerading as an Arab boy, and among the challenges she mentions is the need to remember to eat only with her right hand. I felt a moment of amused kinship with her when I realized that I was inadvertently mimicking this custom: holding the book in my left hand and eating my lunch with the right.

The book was so excellent that I moved directly on to Justice Hall, the sixth in the series. I’ve been anxious to reach this one, as it comes highly recommended by an unusual source. I obtained my copy of the book through the excellent Bookmooch service, and it came with bonuses: a handsome bookmark depicting the romantic Waterhouse painting “The Crystal Ball” and a personalized note:

Dear Ann (or Ava, or possibly even Ara),
Here it is, the sixth in the Russell series and in my opinion the BEST of them all. Don’t worry about reading nos 3, 4 & 5, you can come back to them later. THIS is the must-read!

Best wishes,
Ken (probably)

SKIP books Three, Four and Five? Jump over the excellently entertaining The Moor and miss the introduction, in O Jerusalem, to the characters who are central to the vaunted Justice Hall? This must be some book, folks. Though Ann/Ava/Ara’s cavalier disposal of both book and note seem to indicate a lesser opinion of either the book, or its giver. Well, we shall see!

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2 Responses to Four!

  1. Ramona says:

    Perhaps Ann/Ava/Ara? is just not literate?
    I did read “O Jerusalem” out of order (3 instead of 5), but did not feel it was out of order as it jumped back to pre-wed. Just began “The Moor”. Weather people are promising a return to winter for us this weekend, so anticipate curling up etc….

  2. kaizerin says:

    Nice! I think we’re all ‘rain and 42 degrees’ ourselves, so you and I will both be having a cuddle with Miss Mary this weekend. And I’m going to be getting a start on your felted slippers, too, so I can take ’em along to Ol’ San Fran and use them as visual aides when I’m teaching the Countess how to do them.

    Huh. Me teaching the Countess something about knitting. Weirdness!

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