Lookit I Did!

Reading, schmeading! There’ll be time to read when carpal tunnel syndrome pries the needles from my cold, cramped hands!

I have achieved a personal milestone in my knitting career. When I first started knitting, I also started frequenting knitting blogs, and at that time (December 2004) there was a craze on for making “˜fuzzy feet'””a sort of felted slipper/sock. Knitblogistan was full of people joyously and/or frantically knitting up the giganto slippers for everyone on their year-end gift lists and felting them in batches. I, tyro knitter with a repertoire of two stitches and one decrease, having not yet even touched circulars, could only look on in awe and vow to one day make fuzzy feet of my own.

That day is here, and tell you what, I am gaga puppy-happy about these things. They were silly amounts of fun to make””challenging enough to engage my brain, but a rewardingly fast knit, too””no chance of getting bored during this project! Here’s the before:

big clogs
Hot new charity knitting fad: Slippers for Sasquatches!

And after:

small clogs

I have completely dorked out over these things. I took them to work Tuesday and walked around showing them off. I asked my boss for a Dress Code exception to get to wear them all the time. (That didn’t work, so now I’m contemplating making an all-black pair and putting soles on them, so they pass for shoes.) Enough co-workers asked me to make pairs for them that I’m thinking about making up a couple dozen and selling them at the holiday craft fair our office hosts each December””not for the money, you understand, but for the excuse to make them in sizes and colors I’ll never wear.

happy clogs

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4 Responses to Lookit I Did!

  1. Proud Mama says:

    There is no way I am ever going to understand knitting, let alone felting. But they look wonderfully warm and cozy. Glad you are making me a pair just like them!
    (Did you really ask your boss for a dress code exemption?)

  2. kaizerin says:

    I really did! I walked into her office and said, “I need to ask for an exemption to the dress code.” She looked at me apprehensively, and I pointed to my feet–she just laughed. She had seen the super-sized one, so she was pretty impressed with what it turned into. But not enough to let me wear slippers to work.

    I like the idea of having office slippers, though. There’s something Mr. Rogers-y about it.

  3. CountessZ says:

    Those. Are. AWESOME! I can’t wait for you to show me how to make them 🙂

  4. kaizerin says:

    I would like to update this to say I have now made a matching pair for Ramona, finished and felted to size while she was visiting us in April. No pictures, because they look exactly like this pair. You’re never too old for mother-daughter fashions, is my feeling.

    Also, I’ve been wearing mine almost daily, even in summer–the A/C makes my toes chilly. I will definitely be making many more pairs of these wonderful slippers. The next ones are pink, for sure.

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