Doing Something Meaningful

Okay, so I thought it was hard to go back to work with Harry Potter unfinished on my nightstand at home? Nothing, however, could have prepared me for what it is like to go back to corporate drudgery after reading about a roguish band of witches and wizards fighting against the dark lord himself!

Seriously, I want to go to Hogwarts.

Which is to say, I want to be doing something meaningful with my life. I want to help people. I want my job to be something that I feel good about, something that is an extension of who I am. Corporate culture is NOT an extension of who I am. It is merely a way of paying the bills. I want to do something that I care about, maybe even something I would be willing to die for. Is this asking too much? And is there really anything left out there worth dying for?

Kai, Corvus and I were talking last night and we were thinking that if I need to start looking for a new job (which it seems I am going to need to do, judging by how awful things are getting around here–you and I should really have a good long chat this weekend if at all possible), it doesn’t make sense for me to look here. What would be the point? Maybe, just maybe, we might need to considering moving the move up. We’re still futzing with finances and all that, and it would depend on the job situation, but a spring time transcoastal migration is not out of the question.

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2 Responses to Doing Something Meaningful

  1. kaizerin says:

    Something like 500 dimes just fell into the Bookish Dark MindMeld bank, sister! I hear you and I hear you and I hear you.

    Of course, I’ve always wanted to go to magic school, so the HP books hit me right in the heart of my fantasy life. I think there are things worth living and dying for, but I don’t know how many of them are suitable as careers. It’s a compromise I feel like I make all the time: what I do with my work life is pretty meaningless, except that it supports the rest of my very satisfying and meaningful life. It’s a good topic to open up for general discussion: the work/life balance from the perspective of getting enough meaning out of all the time an effort we put into it.

    I would LOVE a long chat this weekend, and I can’t even let myself think about the chance you could be here for reals in less than a year, or I will shake apart from excitement. I’m so sorry that things are going all crappy for you, but baby, if that’s how Philly’s gonna treat you, it deserves to become dust on your shoes.

  2. Preston the Envious says:

    You know, I am still struggling with that myself. Just about finished with school with my second degree and people keep asking me what I want to do…I keep telling them I don’t know. I still want a career in law enforcement and I dream about the day that I can get lasik done and work for Madison County. Madison county is just the right size for a department-not too big and not too small- and enough calls to keep it interesting. Wishing you a speedy departing from Philly, Kai’s “little” brother!

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