Okay, my picture-related dorkishness has been resolved, so here are a few shots from our camping trip to the wilds of central Oregon.

First, Ken’s method for pounding tent stakes:
safety first
In case you can’t make it out, that’s a hatchet in his hand. Pointed at his face, and swinging. Yeah, someone’s getting a nice wooden mallet for his birthday.

Trust me, when you’ve spent the night sleeping on the ground in 40-degree temps, THIS is what you want to see when you crawl out of the tent at 6:00 a.m.:

New Shilling prepares to rawk the High Desert Celtic Festival.
sound check

Up close and personal with a beautiful bird at the High Desert Museum.
pretty bird

And finally, we stopped to snap majestic Mt. Hood on the way home:
Mt. Hood

Better shots (from Ken’s camera) and more details of the trip to follow!

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4 Responses to Pics

  1. Preston the Envious says:

    Preston the envious because you can post your pictures. I did not know how gorgeous it was out there (never have been there). We are still planning a trip out there-maybe next year

  2. CountessZ says:

    That looks so fun!

  3. kaizerin says:

    P–Sorry about your continuing camera trouble; I hope you get it worked out soon. It is unbelievably beautiful out here, you should definitely come see it. The mountains are my favorite (especially since most of them are volcanoes), but the ocean is really nice, too. And Crater Lake is not to be missed!

    CZ–It was a wonderful time. You guys really have to come camping with us sometime.

  4. Preston the Envious says:

    baby mac is going in either tomorrow or Sunday and maybe the smart people there can get it set up for me…I am sure that they can…and their help is free!!!!!!

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