Fact one: A discussion of historical fiction set in Britain caused Modhran to recommend that I read Ken Follett’s book The Pillars of the Earth. I got a copy from Bookmooch and started in on it; Ken refreshed his memory of the story by listening to the audiobook.

Fact two: I have a colleague at work with whom I swap book recommendations (she’s the one who recommended the Mary Russell mysteries to me.) The first day I took Pillars to work to read at lunchtime, she said, “You must be psychic! We’re reading that same book right now!” She and her husband happened to see a copy at a library sale, and he recalled that he’d enjoyed when he read it years ago, so they got it and started reading it together.

Fact three: Struck by the funny coincidence that my at-work reading buddy and I should independently be guided by our partners to read the same 18-year-old book at the same time, I looked it up on Amazon, thinking maybe it was recently released, causing some kind of movement around the book that would have brought it, however subliminally, to their minds. And what did I find? There is a sequel to the book due to be released in October.

Conclusion: Ken Follett’s publisher has some kind of crazy psychic marketing department that somehow sparked a memory of the book in people who have previously read it, getting them to both re-read it themselves AND find new readers for the book, so there’s a population ready to pounce on the sequel when it comes out.

Creepy, but effective!

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