Tenemos una biblioteca!*

What a weekend we’re having! We just got back from a matinée performance of Monty Python’s Spamalot, which we’ve wanted to see since we first heard about it years ago. It was very much worth the wait (and the ticket price!)–we had a great time.

But even better than that, we achieved one of my lifelong dreams this weekend: that of having a proper home library. As most of you know, I’ve been building my collection for years, dreaming of the day I would have shelving worthy of it. Here’s how my books (and teapots) were housed, until yesterday:

Ramshackle Old Shelves

And here’s what $500, two trips to Ikea, and 15 hours hard labor made of it:

Spiffy New Shelves

Isn’t that fantastic? I can’t stop staring it at it. See all the room for expansion, and the sweet china cabinet? I’m actually a little infatuated with it. It’s exactly the library I imagined I would one day have, if not a little better. I love how we’ve gone from storing books in the dining room, to taking meals in the library–all with a simple change of furniture. (Well, I say “simple”, but there are calf and shoulder muscles in the house that would argue the point.)

Now I just need to build a database, link it to a bar code system, and start issuing library cards . Eeeee!!!

*Foreign language reference is in the third bookcase, second shelf from the top. You’re welcome!

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12 Responses to Tenemos una biblioteca!*

  1. CountessZ says:

    Now that is a thing of beauty. Seriously. I can’t wait to see it in person!!!

  2. Corvus says:

    Nice! The Countess and I have made several runs at building a library database, but get bored of it after a shelf or two. A barcode scanner and already populated database would sure make it easier to catalog.

    I wonder if we could leverage the Amazon API to do part of the work for us. I bet we could… hm…

  3. Ramona says:


  4. kaizerin says:

    Sweet! Follow that train of thought and let me know where it leads, ok? I, too, have a few failed attempts at building a library db in my past, and would love to get a workable system in place. Perhaps one with a portability component (connection to my Palm Pilot?), to cut down on duplicate purchases. (It’s one thing for Modhran and I to each have a first edition copy of Neverwhere; it’s quite another for me to discover two copies of The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin sitting side by side in the bio section. How did I manage to correctly shelve the second one and not see the first one already there?!)

  5. kaizerin says:

    Ramona, can you see how nice my Isabel Bloom collection looks in there? The Reading Woman is most visible, middle of the first case; the chubby little Reading Girl is bookending my Rubaiyats on one shelf in the glass case; and the smaller Reading Girl and Cat are low on the middle case. They’re the perfect complement to the books!

    Did I.B. ever make a statue of a knitting woman…?

  6. Corvus says:

    Well, web based would be the obvious interface choice. That way you could share your library’s services with remote friends and family who may or may not share your proprietary technology. 😉

  7. Ramona says:

    The reading woman is the only one I can really make out. I am looking forward to seeing your new library as well as the re-arranged lr.
    No IB knitting woman as yet that I know of. If she ever does one, you know what your next xmas or b’day gift will be!

  8. kaizerin says:

    C: I see where you’re going with that, and I agree: web-based would allow me to reach the greatest number of customers with minimal infrastructure build-out. Good thinking!

    R: That’s right, I forgot we changed the LR around after you left. We’ve done even more since we got the library installed: moved the armoire to the wall opposite the front door, moved that bookcase that was there to the wall that used to house the shelves of paperbacks, and brought my white vanity table out to sit next to the door (where the armoire was.) I’ll have to take some pics for you, as well as some better close-up shots of the IB pieces in action.

    Or, were you thinking of taking the tour in person? 🙂

  9. Ramona the Traveler says:

    I’m always thinking of touring. Deise and I agreed we should go to Ireland for her 18th b’day.

  10. Ramona says:

    Just took another look at your library and realized another plus – more of the GREEN is covered!
    Another realization – I’m reading Susan Wittig Albert’s “Spanish Dagger”. The list of her writings reminded me that she writes as Robin Paige with her hubby Bill Albert. You have been reading the Robin Paige books.
    So, what do you think? You must like them as you are on #4.
    It also appears you are revisiting some old favourites.
    Looks like the weather for your walk tomorrow is going to be about perfect. Good luck!

  11. kaizerin says:

    I’m enjoying the Robin Paige books quite a lot. They have something of a Mary Russell feel to them, albeit in a lighter vein. I like the heroine, Kathryn Ardleigh, an American who inherits a manor house from long-lost English relations in 1895 (or thereabout) and shakes up the locals with her modern notions.

    Would you like me to send you the first two or three to sample?

  12. Ramona says:

    I doubt our library has them, but let me check there first. If not, I would love the first two or three. Will let you know.
    How was the walk?

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