What are the Odds?

So Kai, remember our awesome conversation about that book we were thinking of writing based on knitted items from the AoGG books? Well, it prompted me to do some googling to see if anyone else had a similar (or identical) brilliant idea. So far, not that I can tell. However, look what I found: link.

And it starts in October. Not sure I am really interested, not being one to do a lot in the way of knitalongs, but the link in particular to the Antique Pattern Library might prove a useful resource. It will also be interesting to see what people decide to knit.

Another interesting find, someone is personally recording works in the public domain, including Anne of Green Gables (and Pride & Prejudice). I listened for about 10 minutes. It’s not terrible for amateur work, but I am not terribly fond of her voice. I have mixed feelings about audible books. Generally it is hard for me to let go of my own idea of what the narrator’s voice should sound like and I end up just finding the person reading to be a disruption and a distraction.

Anyway, couldn’t resist sharing

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  1. kaizerin says:

    Oh, neat!! I was amused by all the knitting references when I re-read Anne. Of course, I’ve got one dedicated project right now, and until it’s done, I’m not picking up anything complicated or time-consuming. (Although I will do small/easy projects like the felted pumpkins, as a break from the big project.)

    As to our Anne-inspired knitting book, I had further thoughts: what if we did one project for each of our literary heroines? A cardigan for Anne, a snappy cloche and scarf set for Nancy Drew, a romantic pointelle capelet for Arwen, a sturdy little coat for Lyra, etc.? We could call it Bookish Knits. Hmmm?

  2. CountessZ says:

    Oh my god, that is why you are a genius. We must start planning now.

  3. kaizerin says:

    THANK you! I’m so pleased you like the idea, because when I thought of it, I was so excited I could have turned a cartwheel (if, you know, I were able to turn cartwheels. Which strikes me as a good intermediate goal between “Hey, I walked three miles!” and “Hey, I want to see if I can run three miles!” Somewhere in there, I need to clear “able to turn cartwheels”. But I digress.)

    The mix of heroines would let us work with all kinds of garments, yarns, techniques, and style eras. I think we should read a book starring a great female character, and then contemplate what kind of knitwear it inspires, and go from there.

    I am so not kidding about this project. So what if I’ve never designed a garment or written a pattern in my life? I really want to do this!! 🙂

  4. kaizerin says:

    OH, and we must do something for dear Miss Marple, who was never without her knitting bag. The Miss M mysteries with Geraldine McEwan that have been playing on Mystery! are such a delight, and of course I had to critique her technique–especially once I noticed that she knits and knits, but the stuff never moves from one needle to the other. It looks to me like Miss McEwan knows perfectly well HOW to knit, but the continuity director has begged her to just fake it, so they don’t have to match up her knitting from take to take.

    My, I’m easily digressed today, aren’t I?

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