Feel Free…

..to envy me for the delicious weekend I’m heading into! Ingredients:

Anne of Green Gables (1985) on DVD
Mapp & Lucia (Series 1) on DVD
Ang Lee’s Sense & Sensibility free on the On Demand channel
3 boxes of Halloween decorations to put around
2 knitting projects that I really need to make progress on
1 absentee boyfriend

And a vampire bat in a belfry, tra-la-la! Even the weather is cooperating: it will be cool and dry until about noon on Saturday, and then a wash for the rest of the weekend–literally. So I can get in a nice, long walk, and then settle into my armchair without a twinge of guilt to watch and knit and enjoy.

Modhran made me chicken soup from scratch (even the noodles!) to keep me healthy and well-fed while he’s gone. So, though I will miss my darling until he returns, the simple pleasures of life shall none-the-less abound. Happy sigh!

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3 Responses to Feel Free…

  1. Ramona says:

    It sounds like it was a lovely weekend. Was it?
    On Kaizerin Reads awhile back, you had a Ken Follet Novel. Wasn’t it Pillars of the Earth? There was a piece on Sunday Morning about him today. And about the follow-up to Pillars. Do you recommend Pillars?

  2. CountessZ says:

    That sounds absolutely divine. Out here on the “other” coast, the weather was hot, humid and miserable. Friday night we drove down to DC to meet the momsuch (who has been there on business all week) and spent a couple days taking in the sites (more on that later). Sunday afternoon it was back to Philly and today I have the day off. It is still hot and miserable. Looks like things won’t be breaking until the middle of the week…

  3. kaizerin says:

    It was very peaceful and productive. I think everyone here will understand when I say no matter how much you love your partner, it’s still nice to get the house to yourself now and then. Even if all you do is knit and clean and watch DVDs, which were a delight.

    R, you’re right, I was recently reading Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, and yes, I recommend it, although at 900-some pages, it’s a real commitment. It’s very engrossing, and you’ll get good and involved with the characters. The thing I liked most about it is that it pinned down its era of English history for me: you know how a good historical novel can make the history stick in your head better than a non-fiction historical work? Well, I’m now quite clear on why there was confusion over who should succeed Henry I, which gave rise to the time known as the Anarchy, with Empress Maud (although I had to look elsewhere to understand why she was an Empress instead of a Queen) and King Stephen battling it out; the eventual succession of Henry II and what exactly his beef was with Thomas Becket, etc. (And of course, the Anarchy was a major driving force behind Henry VIII’s desperate attempts to get a male heir–and look how much history we got out of that!) What’s great is, that’s all background, for the most part–in the foreground, you have the people of one small English town, whose fortunes rise and fall based on who happens to hold the crown this month, etc. It’s very well-done from the perspective of how great events far away affect the daily lives of regular folk.

    CZ, so sorry to hear that summer lingers on for you. It’s gloriously autumnal here, overcast and damp, but not yet so cold that we need to put on the furnace (although I have switched to my heavy fleece robe and my felted slippers are my constant companions!) On my walk this morning, I smelled the delicious smoke from more than one fire in the neighborhood (fire-place/stove type fires, not “augh, call 911!” fires.) I don’t know if there’s a more comforting scent in the whole world, when you’re out in the drizzle, than to smell a warm fire close by. Unless it would be cinnamon rolls. 🙂

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