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I love the neighborhood we live in. I’ve been taking daily walks in it through three seasons now, and although the spring flowers and lush summer gardens were pretty, the turning leaves of fall best them easily. Every day, there’s some bit of beauty I wish I could share with you; yesterday, on possibly the most perfect autumn day imaginable, I took my camera along and wandered far and wide, capturing the best colors of the season for you.

The first two pics are from the Hollywood area, wherein lie our bank, post office, library, and farmer’s market. It was especially pleasant running those errands yesterday, with this sort of scenery around.
Hollywood District
Hollywood District 2

The next several are from my afternoon walk in the nabe. The colors seem particularly stunning this year; I hope they will still be this intense when the Countess and Corvus visit us in (eee!) two weeks’ time.

nabe 1
nabe 2

And finally, I have found my Platonic ideal of House. I turned a corner, and there it was: a big square house with a deep, welcoming porch wrapping around two sides, interesting details at railing and windows, and the intriguing dormers on the third floor. This, to me, is a HOUSE.

And it’s obviously inhabited by kindred spirits. I really must stop in and make these people’s acquaintance some time.

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2 Responses to Walk With Me

  1. CountessZ says:

    “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~George Eliot~

    How utterly glorious. Perhaps we shall have to knock on the door of that house when I am there and kindly explain to them that it really does, in fact, belong to us and that we expect them to have their things out of it within you know, the next couple of months. And also, would they mind if we dropped off a couple of sheep in the meantime to graze in their backyard. Heh.

  2. kaizerin says:

    Good plan! I’m sure they’ll see immediately the rightness and propriety of surrendering to us that which, by all rights, should be ours. Alternately, they might just let us move in, sheep and all.

    Either way, happiness abounds!

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