New York, Day 1

Our trip to New York last weekend was just about the most perfect vacation we’ve ever had. We stayed at a posh hotel, ate fabulous food, got in a wee bit of shopping (some of us more than others), and just generally had a fantastic time. We were there to surprise Aviva for her birthday, and it was also an opportunity for me to introduce my two oldest friends, Corvus and Carter, to each other, along with their lovely wives. The whole experience exceeded even my best expectations, and cemented New York’s privileged place in my heart. Here’s a photo tour of all the fun:

“Just where do you think you’re going?”

I can cross “Take the red-eye to New York” off my life To Do list now. Thanks to a strong tailwind, we made the trip in just over 4 hours, which put us on the ground at 7:30 a.m., and in Times Square by 9:30. We took the subway into town, which took a solid hour, but at $7 apiece, was by far the most economical option. (Traveling by subway was the one and only nod to economy made all weekend–everything else was a bit of a splash-out.)

Naturally, the hotel wasn’t ready to let us into the room at that time of morning, so we dropped off our luggage and went in search of breakfast. We found a very good one at the Broadway Diner–yum!

LOLtexting CountessZ: “I’s in yer tyme zohn, havin’ mah brekfust!”

Our hotel was just a couple of doors down from this very famous location:
“Say ‘witticism!’ “

Fortunately, after breakfast we were able to get into our room at the Sofitel, and the afternoon was given over to napping to make up for the very short night we’d had. Early evening brought a flurry of texting and calling on the sly to get the group together to surprise Aviva as she and Carter left for what she thought would be a romantic dinner for two. All the sneaking and skulking paid off, as she was absolutely flabbergasted to see us all.

The glamorous birthday girl and her handsome husband.

Myself and The Boy

We had an amazingly good dinner at 21 Club. I had what I could only describe as the Platonic ideal of filet mignon; it made me understand what all other filets are trying to be. We had champagne, of course, and when the sommelier brought it to the table, he bent to whisper something to Carter that made him laugh and nod. When he left, Carter explained that he had said, “I just need your assurance that all the young ladies are over 21?” An obvious bit of flattery, perhaps, but it made all us 40-ish women giggle quite girlishly.

After dinner, we decided to repair to the hotel bar for cake and presents, then straight to bed with the lot of us, as we’d all had a very long, very happy and successful day.
“All this and presents, too?”

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3 Responses to New York, Day 1

  1. CAS says:

    Lovely narrative, Bearish! I really don’t think that it all could have come together any better!

  2. CountessZ says:

    I was just saying to Corvus this morning that I can’t believe it has only been a week since we were all in New York together. It feels as if it has been a lifetime. Perhaps that is because it was such a successful venture and now it feels as if we have all been dear friends since the dawn of time?

    Great story. Great pictures. Lovely people.

    We are so fortunate 🙂

  3. kaizerin says:

    No, Bearby, I quite agree it all went perfectly. You’ll have a hard time topping yourself after this one!

    CZ, it is amazing to think that one week ago right now, we were all together in the hotel bar, having drinkies and talking and laughing, our adventures in the Village still ahead of us (stay tuned for New York, Day 2!)

    I miss you all so much. Wouldn’t it be pleasant if we could all meet up for brunch/dinner/drinks whenever the mood struck? But then, I suppose, we might not value it as highly if we could have it so easily. (Though, I’m willing to test that hypothesis!)

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