White-ish Christmas!

It’s been such a happy Christmas season, starting with the NY trip and giving ourselves freedom from gift-giving pressure, to our Chicken Carolers (of whom, darn it, I didn’t think to take a picture) and our Zombie Yulesters, to four mellow days at home together, eating, drinking, and making merry; it’s all been wonderful. And to top it off, we’re now getting a rare dusting of snow–just enough to look pretty falling down, not enough to pile up and cause difficulty. Nice touch, Nature!

yard snow
See? Actual snow! They’re even running a news crawler under Holiday Celebration on Ice, keeping us abreast of this ‘developing weather situation’. “StormTeam 8, we have a situation. Mobilize! Mobilize! Mobilize!” Heh. The local weather people are so cute when they panic.

I’m way excited. I’m staying out here until I’ve collected enough for a snowball.

Ken's not impressed
Ken’s less impressed. “Yeah, pretty, whatever. You’ll come in when you’re ready for cocoa.”

2008 Xmas card
Our 2008 Holiday card.

That’s our porch cat, Spike. He’s actually the neighbors’ cat, but we’ve got partial custody under the “possession is 9/10s of the law” rule.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate the season (and even if you don’t), I wish you peace and joy and love!

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3 Responses to White-ish Christmas!

  1. Ramona says:

    So-o-o-o, I take it you are still out there waiting? We probably had more here in our morning “flurries” than did Pt’lnd OR’s “developing weather situation”. WI had six inches whilst Duggen was there. Want us to ship you some?
    p.s. What was he doing to the kitty’s eye?

  2. kaizerin says:

    Hee hee…yes, I’s still out there on the sidewalk, and I’s gettin’ COLD! I would ask for a care package of the white stuff, but it sounds like we might get actual snowfall today–they’re calling for up to 5 inches in the north valley! It hasn’t started yet, but I’m keeping an eye on the windows.

    PS: Ken’s holding Spike’s head, trying to make him look at the camera for the pic. I don’t think he meant to poke him in the eye. (Of course, with boys, you never know.)

  3. kaizerin says:

    Bummer! They’ve downgraded our snowcast–probably no accumulation on the valley floor (elevations under 500 feet.) I can see snow on rooftops on the hills around my office, but it looks like we’re out of it. Start packing up that snow, Ramona!

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