Iowa Spring

Oh, hello, blog! How’ve you been? My, you haven’t changed a bit! Me? Oh, you know, the usual: lots of working and walking, reading and knitting. I took a trip back to the homestead in April, and had a great week of relaxing and visiting with the family. Would you like a slideshow of the highlights?

There were baby cows to coo at:
baby cows

Chickens to pet:

Mutant four-eyed squirrels to watch out for:

Scenes of childhood trauma to revisit:
haunted house

And, of course, good times with the family:
Mom Ramona and niece Katrina, at lunch on our girls’ day out in Des Moines.

Family group at my brother’s house: from the top: sis-in-law Shelly, brother Doug and Ramona the Mom, and niece Alyssa, plus Bubba the attention-hog…er, dog.

Other highlights not captured in photos: the Inner Gardener book launch, the raucous pool party with most of the niephews on hand (8 of 9), and the long, lovely mornings with Ramona, drinking our coffee and watching the day take shape out the living room windows. That’s what I really went for, and what I missed most once I came home: that companionable time with Mom.

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3 Responses to Iowa Spring

  1. Ramona the Mom says:

    Thank goodness the blog is back! You’ve been missed.
    As for the topic – Ah-h-h. It was good having you here. The week went way too fast.
    Exciting weather here in the home state last night. No damage here. Strong winds. Little limbs down. Supposedly a tornado 2 miles SE of town. Don’t know details yet.
    Two big news items – we have two black squirrels now and possible 3rd. The one you pictured and one, possibly two little ones.
    And, perhaps next time you visit, it will be at our new location. We will drink our coffee sitting on the deck overlooking the pond. We’ll miss the ole’ homestead, but it is time to move on.
    Again, good to have you back. And, as this is a book blog, I just finished Sue Miller’s, ‘The Senator’s Wife’ and began Elizabeth George’s newest, ‘Careless in Red’.

  2. kaizerin says:

    Hi sweetie! Yes, I have been a very lax blogger, but I’m trying to get back in the habit. I am working on a photo essay on the bits of crochet-work I brought home with me, which will go up soon. But not today–two posts in one day is too heady a pace, after months of nothing.

    You’re right, this IS a bookish blog, so a rekindling of book discussion is definitely in order. I have (sadly) finished reading all the Laurie Kings currently available (I know there’s another Mary Russell coming) and I suppose it’s finally time to say something about her wonderful works.

  3. CountessZ says:

    It sounds so lovely and relaxing. So glad you had such a great visit with your family!!

    And I can’t wait to see the post on the crochet work you brought back with you. Ever since we talked I have been on a bit of a crochet kick. There are a number of big events coming up this summer (weddings, babies, sick relatives, etc.) and for some reason I decided that I want to make blankets/throws for everyone. I spent a big chunk of time experimenting with some different granny squares this weekend. Very enjoyable. My goal is to make a bunch of different squares of varying sizes and then piece them together using some of my freeform skills. I am only just getting started, but so far, I love the granny sqares. There are some really intricate and amazing patterns out there.

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