Growing Pains

Please bear with us while we upgrade the blog and refresh our theme. This post will be deleted with things have returned to relative normalcy.

ETA: Not deleting this post–please give us your feedback on the new design in the comments! ~K

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  1. Corvus says:

    I think we’re mostly good to go, here. Instead of deleting this post, perhaps we should leave it open for feedback?

  2. kaizerin says:

    Agree w/ leaving this post and soliciting feedback.

  3. Ramona says:

    Well….you certainly look different. Is it going to stay like this?

  4. Corvus says:

    That’s the plan, Ramona! The new theme is more customizable than the old one and less prone to fincky errors like the site had been getting for the last couple of weeks. Plus, I upgraded the software so that the ladies have a lot more options for functionality, should they wish it.

    Do you like it? Does anything look broken to you?

  5. Ramona says:

    No, not broken; just different. Ya know how it is with us ole folks – takes awhile to get used to change. Looking forward to learning more about ‘options for functionality’. What would I have to do to get my name in purple and a picture?

  6. Corvus says:

    If you want your name in purple, you should start a blog and where it prompts you for a URL in the comment form, enter your blog address!

    Fortunately, pictures are much less time intensive. You’ll need to register at Gravatar with the email address you enter in the comment form here. You can then upload a picture that will appear on every blog & site that uses Gravatars.

  7. kaizerin says:

    OK, I set up my Gravatar…let’s see if it appears when I post.

  8. Corvus says:

    Did you set it up with your email address?

  9. CountessZ says:

    Okie Dokie! Gravatar all set up. Testing to see if it works.

    Also, Ramona, you should totally start a blog!!! That would be awesome 🙂

  10. CountessZ says:

    Hrm. Didn’t work…

  11. Corvus says:

    I can see your gravatar, CountessZ.

  12. CountessZ says:

    Oh, there it is! Hi CountessZ! /waves

    She is so cute!

  13. Ramona says:

    So….? A Gravatar is a grandma avatar? (As in how I sign cards to the grandkids, “G’ma R”?
    The Wicked Witch of the West did not get us with her tornado last night. However, we did use the cyclone cellar for the first time in years! Fun.

  14. Kaizerin says:

    Corvus–Yah, I thought of the bookishdark address as I was falling asleep last night…doy. Let’s see if it worked.

  15. kaizerin says:

    Yay, there I am! OK, so now that very important business is out of the way…Momsy, SO glad the ‘nadoes skipped you again, and I’m happy the cellar spiders didn’t getcha, either! Are you getting used to the new theme/layout? Anything bugging you lots?

    One of the coolest new funtionalities, in my opinion, are the tags we can put on every post, and which you can use to follow topics just by clicking on a tag you’re interested in. I like how the relative size of the tag in the ‘cloud’–on the right-hand sidebar–shows the frequency of its use. Over time, you’ll get a good picture of what really interests us.

  16. kaizerin says:

    WOW, Mom, just saw pictures of the flooding there on Yikes!!

  17. CountessZ says:

    R–Is it wrong that I’m jealous that you have a cyclone cellar? I mean, I’m sure it isn’t as much fun when you actually need to use it, but it’s still pretty cool that you have one. Also, very glad you are safe and sound.

  18. Ramona the Cave Dweller says:

    Countess Z – I’m sitting here breening (beaming-preening) cause I have a cyclone cellar, or as we called it growing up, “the cave.” There is a certain panache that goes along with owning a cellar. It is one of the things I will miss about the farm. Kai can tell stories about sliding down the cellar door and “going to the cave” during storms. During my childhood, the shelves were lined with jars and jars of yummy (and some not so yummy) things to eat. My sis and I used to go on midnight raids for a jar of grapejuice to drink with the crackers we snitched from the kitchen. It was a “can we get out of the house, down to the cave and back in without waking up the folks?”
    Sounds like we could be visiting the shelter again tonight. Storms last night missed us by just two miles. Lots of roofs torn off, trees down and some outbuildings down. Plus, the flooding Kai alluded to.
    I am getting used to the new format and like it but am still looking for the cloud you spoke of.
    Almost finished with E George’s ‘Careless in Red’ and still don’t know whodunnit. That is one of the things I love about her books. R

  19. kaizerin says:

    Ohhh, yes, the joys and mysteries of The Cave. Fond childhood memories–maybe I’ll dig up some photos of us playing on/around it and scan them in. LOVE the mental image of you and Betty going a-skulking in the night.

    OK, it’s not so much a ‘cloud’ as a ‘list’ of tags on the right-hand side of the main page. Trying clicking on one–especially a big one–and see where it takes you. 🙂

    Stay safe, sweetie!

  20. kaizerin says:

    Question: why is there no ability to comment on CZ’s post about comics?

    ETA: Fixed it! Comments were turned off. Hope you don’t mind me flipping the switch!

  21. CountessZ says:

    It seems that the comments being off was probably the sign that the site had been hacked. So glad you noticed that!! We appear to be ok. They just got that one post and it’s been corrected. All hail the household technogod.

  22. Corvus says:

    Okay, the hacking appears to be a minor one and most likely is related to not running the latest WordPress until yesterday. I won’t let things get so crufty in the future!

    Hidden links for pharmaceuticals were placed on a single post and the comments for that post were turned off. I know this happened pre-upgrade because I saw the comments were off before I got to work on the site.

    I’ve now also taken some other precautions, including a security plugin that informs me I’ve done several smart things to protect you already, but that there were a couple small things left to do… which I’ve now done. There’s another, more drastic, step we can still take should we feel it necessary (and I don’t at the moment).

    So the long and short of it is–tempest in a teapot averted!

  23. Ramona says:

    Wow! Hard to believe it has only been a week since the new look for Bookish Dark. I’m lovin’ it. Ver-r-r-a nice.
    For those of you who remember the “once in a hundred year’s floods of ’93” – check out fifteen years later… 13, 8 or 5 out of DM or – for Corning’s flood and tornado. R

  24. kaizerin says:

    I watched some streaming (hah!) video on–the Court Avenue flooding, and some ‘copter footage following the deluge from the Saylorville spillway all the way down into town. I really hope that when they built up the waterworks, they went far enough.

    Amazing storm/flood photos from the Corning area, too. Jeeze, I hope the weather lets up on you guys soon!

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