My Pet Jelly

This is my pet jellyfish:
I haven’t named it; I’m not sure it needs a name. At any rate, it hasn’t suggested one yet.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is equipped with an extensive and alluring gift shop, and they were featuring these beautiful jellyfish-glass objets d’art in the front windows–and zoop! I was drawn in! They had plain off-white, blue- and pink-tinged, and dark reddish ones in two sizes. I was awfully tempted by them, especially once I discovered they were glow-in-the-dark, but I tried to resist their glow-in-the-dark jellyfish-under-glass charms. Ken, perhaps having a clearer vision of the immediate future, decided the trip home would not be bearable if I left them ALL behind, and very nicely bought me the most beautiful and perfect one in the whole shop.

We brought it home and discovered that exposure to a little UV light (like the one emitted by my Official Dr. Who Replica Sonic Screwdriver) makes it light up like a nightlight, so that’s how I use it. I charge it up, snuggle down, and lie there thinking peaceful, floating-in-the-depths thoughts until I drift off into slumber.

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6 Responses to My Pet Jelly

  1. CountessZ says:

    Your Ken is such a gem. How unbelievably beautiful…

  2. Not a gem. Just sure that I didn’t want to deal with al that moping.


  3. Ramona says:

    You mean she mopes as well as whines?! She does have a way of getting her way. (Smiley face goes here.)
    B-T-W – The pictures are gorgeous. Do you (Ken) get the credit?

  4. kaizerin says:

    Don’t listen to Ken, of course he’s a gem! He’s me very own darlin’ boy.

    The pics are a mix of Ken’s and mine: on the pet jelly, I did the daylight photo and he did the nightglow ones. For the rest, you can use the rule of thumb that the grainier they are, the more likely I took them, as I only had my camera phone with me, and Ken was using his muy macho setup.

  5. Actually Kari’s photos are really a lot better than they should be for a cell phone camera, and sized down for the website they’re better than most of the shots I took.

    I blew through over 200 photos and large percentage of them aren’t very good. (I did have a broken lens with me, but that’s no excuse).

    The good thing about my pictures, compared to Kari’s, is that the files are large enough for prints.

  6. CountessZ says:

    Yeah, those Centro phones have a decent camera.

    Also, Ken, yours really do rock. I honestly think you could submit a lot of your work for sale. You are quite talented.

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