Friends Old and New

Breaking news: the next Flavia de Luce adventure is out! The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag was published in the US on March 9th. As I tweeted earlier this week:

“Woo hoo, Flavia’s back!! And yes, I put myself on the hold list at the library before sending this alert.”

I’m # 72 on the hold list; the wait shouldn’t be too bad, since our library system has 45 copies of the book. I apologize to local friends for jumping on the list before telling you about it, but you already know I’m a teeny bit greedy about Miss Flavia. You can read her when I’m done. I can’t wait to see what exotic and murderous minutiae of English life we delve into this time.

My current reading selection, Uncle Tungsten, keeps reminding me of Miss de Luce, as Oliver Sacks reminisces over his boyhood explorations in chemistry. The chapter I read today touched on extracting scents from common plants; occasionally blowing up his work shed and/or gassing himself out of it; his surprise, in retrospect, about the substances he was allowed free rein with as a boy (e.g., potassium cyanide!); and stamp collecting. I would dearly love to introduce little Oliver to Flavia, and then observe from a safe distance!


Participating in Ada Lovelace Day 2010 was a great experience all the way around. Profiling a friend was an interesting experience; it’s so easy to let things go unsaid, to assume that we’re communicating our appreciation and respect adequately through actions. It’s good to sit down every once in a while and put our thoughts about others into words, whether or not we intend to let them (and/or the world at large) read it. I knew all along, of course, that I was writing the piece for publication, and that Deirdra would certainly read it; it was interesting how that pushed me to find just the right words. Also interesting: how very good those darned words were at hiding behind other, lesser words. Well, not interesting so much as frustrating!


An unexpected and pleasant benefit of participating was that new friends visited Bookish Dark, liked what they saw, and introduced themselves in the comments. Hello, Tinky and Grad, I’m so pleased you joined us! Even better, following their links back to their blogs uncovered new reading treasures for me to explore, although I can already tell that Tinky’s blog is going to be tough on my waistline. I’d best add another session of aqua aerobics to the weekly schedule!


One of the earlier drafts of my ALD post included a link to another Kickstarter project being run by friends of mine. I eventually deleted the reference, so as to not detract from the focus of the post. However, I still want to brag about these talented friends of mine, so let me talk them up a bit here: Corvus is my oldest friend (in terms of length of service, not absolute age) and Charles, having recently joined our gaming group, is the newest. Together, they’re cooking up a game that I simply can’t wait to play: Addicube. I’m already emotionally attached to furious little Angred, and really hoping I get the chance to nurture it out of its temper (if that’s what you do?) They have a little less than a month to go in their funding drive, and are just about halfway to their goal. Please have a look at their project description and, if you feel so inclined, pledge a little bit to the cause.


My darling has a bit of a cold, and I had a very long week, so I’ve declared a sickie-boo weekend at our house: we’re staying in, wearing pajamas all day, napping at will, and having lots of hot soup, tea, and TV. I’m thinking about giving Tinky’s No-Knead Bread (a/k/a Super Duper Olive Bread, a/k/a Awesome Parisian Artisan Bread) recipe a whirl. And who knows, with a schedule like this, you might actually get another post out of me before Monday. (Please don’t hold your breath or cancel any plans in hopes of this eventuality.) To all my friends, old and new: have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Tinky says:

    I apologize in advance for any harm my blog may do to your waistline, Kaizerin, but I, too, am glad we have “met.” I look forward to reading more of your stuff–after the sickie-boo weekend, OF COURSE.

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