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We had another very successful weekend in the kitchen. We’ve been searching for a good brown sauce for Chinese dishes, and Ken pretty much nailed it on Saturday, turning out a wonderful batch of cashew chicken.

Next time, a little more heat, a little less honey, but overall: an excellent sauce!

We also experimented with oven-baked crab rangoons, rather than fried. They were tasty, but we missed the texture frying gives to the wonton wrappers.

We had an old-fashioned Sunday dinner again today, with a baked ham, potatoes, and the remainder of the green beans sauteed with mushrooms. That reminded me I was asked for the recipe and didn’t post it. We based it on this recipe, with some variations:
–we used half butter and half olive oil to saute the mushrooms and onions
–we used about half the mushrooms called for, if that
–we didn’t have shallots on hand, so we diced in half a medium yellow onion instead

If you’re cooking for 2-4 people, you could easily halve the recipe–two pounds of beans filled a large bowl; we had leftovers for several meals. But they do freeze and reheat well–we just microwaved the box we froze two weeks ago and they were fresh, crisp and tasty.

Finally, best for last, we tried out the basic version of No-Knead Bread that Tinky posted, and WOWEE! Absolutely fantastic!

Crusty, chewy, delicious! A gorgeous rustic European-style bread, and so easy to make. Trust me, try this recipe, and prepare to feel like a bread-baking genius at the fantastic loaves you turn out.

Since the basic recipe turned out so well, we’re now going to experiment with it: we’re going to try mixing in cloves of roasted garlic, and a sourdough version, and a beer variation. If we come up with anything truly spectacular, I’ll give you the details. Meanwhile, what are you doing still hanging around here? Get to baking!

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10 Responses to This is Rapidly Becoming a Food Blog

  1. Ramona says:

    That bread really looks yummy. I am almost to the point of trying to make a loaf. Almost.

  2. kaizerin says:

    I encourage you to give it a go. Or, if you want, we can put it on the list for our next visit. It wasn’t hard, just took time to rise.

  3. CAS says:

    May I propose a new name? “Literary Feasts” or maybe “Bookish Larder”? Despite what our Members of Parliment would like us to believe humans cannot live of words alone.

  4. kaizerin says:

    LOL, Bearby. “Bookish Larder”–hee!

  5. CountessZ says:

    I can attest that this is indeed the yummiest bread ever. A well timed, impromptu visit to the Larming household netted us a rather generous amount of the recently baked bread (thank you!!), which we immediately took home and gobbled up in its entirety with some lentil soup. It was FABULOUS and I will be attempting a whole wheat version in the very near future.

  6. Tinky says:

    Kaizerin–I’d LOVE to try the cashew chicken if you would (please, please) try the recipe. Yum! And I’m so glad the bread came out well…….

  7. Tinky says:

    Of course, I meant SHARE the recipe, not try. Typing too fast as usual……

  8. kaizerin says:

    Ken’s Cashew Chicken
    (Note: Ken’s a very instinctive cook; when he wants to make a dish, he looks up several recipes and takes the best of each to make his own version. Measurements are approximate and should be adjusted to your personal taste.)

    1 Chicken Breast
    Veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, green onion, garlic, green beans, pea pods, etc…whatever you want in it.)

    1 cup chicken stock
    1.5 tbsp corn starch
    1 tbsp oyster sauce
    1 tbsp soy sauce
    1 tbsp honey
    1 clove minced garlic



    Cube and brown chicken in wok.

    In sauce pan mix cold chicken stock and corn starch, heat over medium heat, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, honey and garlic until boiling, stirring regularly until it thickens.

    Add veggies to chicken and stir-fry until cooked.

    Pour brown sauce over chicken and vegetables and add cashews.

    Serve with rice.

    Next time I’ll add some red peppers and perhaps use a lesser amount of honey.

  9. Tinky says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! Pretty simple sounding…..

  10. kaizerin says:

    The meat and veggies, definitely easy. Getting the sauce just right, that’s the challenge. Ken’s still tinkering with it a bit, but it’s basically there.

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