Sometimes, a girl has a hat she doesn’t need.

A Derby Dame cast-off.

A hat that sits around gathering dust, waiting for an appropriate occasion.

Appropriate occasions are few and far between for this beauty.

Other times, a girl needs a hat she doesn’t have.

Is there any hat more dashing than a tricorn?

But with a little ingenuity, a needle & thread, and some pretty notions, an unneeded hat can become quite necessary, indeed.

Ribbon is re-used from original hat; cockade is from Etsy seller Clytemnestra's Closet.

And a good hat is all a clever girl needs to make a good day, don’t you find?

Avast, me hearties!

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One Response to Corny

  1. CAS says:

    Just in time for the Royal Ascot Ladies Day! Dare I say you look lovely…and not a Princess in sight!

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