Spring Delights

It’s mid-June and we’re finally getting weather that most of the country would recognize as Spring-like: mostly-sunny days in the low 70s, nights in the mid-50s. Now me, I didn’t mind how cold and wet it was in April and May; I love the rain, and I dread the onset of dry, hot summer weather. But I can be glad for the sun-lovers around me, and it does make the commute a little easier, not to be drenched the whole way there and back.

Our irises did a lot better this year, putting up four or five stalks with multiple flowers on each–still only on the north side of the sidewalk, though, for reasons we don’t understand yet. These, if you’ll recall, are the beds we created on Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and planted with free bulbs picked up off the street. We got several stalks of classic, purple iris…

…and then a surprise:

Baby blue irises! In my flower beds! You get what you pay for, I guess. Oh, all right, it’s pretty–and in certain lights, is almost a lavender-blue (dilly dilly). And at least it bloomed, unlike those slackers in the south bed.

The cold spring seems to have delayed the growing season a bit–at least, I think the kohlrabi is usually in at the farmers’ market before now. We went yesterday with high hopes, but no luck. We soothed our disappointment with a half-flat of succulent strawberries and a good-sized grab of rhubarb, which Ken combined into this delight:

Can you believe that’s his first-ever attempt at a lattice-crust? And it is delicious, lemme tell ya! Just enough cinnamon and brown sugar to bring it to the right side of tartness, barely. Whipped cream is only optional if you don’t mind puckering up. And the berries taste bright and fresh–it’s a mouthful of spring sunshine!

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