No More Kings

…but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have princesses–I mean, even Lady Liberty wears a diadem! So I thought I’d show you the birthday tiara I made for my dear friend Rachel’s birthday this year.

I don’t think you’re ever too old to enjoy being a princess on your birthday–I certainly don’t plan to ever outgrow it. A couple of years ago, I knitted Rachel a birthday crown, and decided I wanted to outdo that this year. I watched a few instructional videos, and then just went for it.

Honestly, I was shocked how well my first effort turned out. I’m crafty, but it usually takes a few tries for me to turn out something nice when I pick up a new craft. But this took about an hour and a half, and was even better than I’d visualized.

The problem was, I’d allowed myself a few weeks to learn and practice, which meant this pretty thing was sitting around the house, tempting me at every turn. I finally decided the only thing to do was to create one for myself, so I could stop wanting to steal Rachel’s.

I used the same construction techniques in both, and they ended up so different from each other. Of course, the color scheme of mine makes it much more somber–the whole thing was inspired by those red, pointed gems. Where Rachel’s clearly says, “Happy birthday, darling!” mine is more, “The Nazgûl have gone co-ed!”

To my credit (and Ken’s surprise) I haven’t run off and bought all the tiara supplies in the world, as I tend to do when I take up a new craft. But I do have an idea for a blue and green mermaid tiara with sort of Art Nouveau lines…

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7 Responses to No More Kings

  1. Ramona says:

    What a pretty and fun new craft. I like the pink one best.
    Or is it amethyst? Looks pinkish.

  2. kaizerin says:

    It’s a mix of pink and lavender beads–had to have the amethyst look for a February birthday girl!

  3. CAS says:

    It amazes me how “crafty” you have become (with absolutely no implication at all to you ever using, or having considered, indirect or deceitful means to acheive your goals). 😛 I really love the one that you have done for yourself! I can appreciate the desire to go go buy all the new kit as well. I took up- or rather am re-learning over the violin again last year using You Tube videos of all things. You should make a You Tube on how to make the perfect crown/tiara that every woman (and more than a few boys) may well find useful for parties.

    I have now have moved on to watercolours. I have to resist every urge not to fill my little study with every bit of kit I think may help in that new endevour.

  4. kaizerin says:

    Thanks, Bearsy! It was a lot of fun–I’m sure I’ll find reasons to make more, but I will try to restrain myself to only buying materials for the project at hand. The attic is already a hobby graveyard, I don’t need to add to it.

    I learned the technique from an online video–which was great, because I never would have suspected they’re built they way they are. The woman in the vid was making cute little plastic tiaras for a little girl’s birthday party–I just adapted them to my own aesthetics. One thing about my tiara, though–changing from glass beads to hematite stones made it SO heavy!

  5. Aspa says:

    These look really amazing! Almost the real deal! Would you be able to share some resources (i.e. videos) that you used to make these?

  6. Nikki says:

    Those are gorgeous!!! Well done!

  7. kaizerin says:

    Thanks, I’m proud of them! The skullington sits on the TV stand wearing mine, so it’s handy for tiara emergencies. This video is the most helpful one I found:

    I added wires connecting the uprights–the heavier glass and metal beads didn’t stand up as well as the plastic ones in the demo. And I experimented with larger beads at the points; it makes a more dramatic look.

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