Wedding Album

As promised (two weeks ago!) a few fun shots from our wedding.

First of all, most of the credit for these pictures go to the snap-happy Rachel–she assigned herself the role of official photographer, and I’m so glad she did! The day is only documented as well as it is because of her.

Rachel has a good eye for sweet candid shots–I love this pre-ceremony picture of Ken and Corvus.

Three of the people I treasure most in the whole world, right there.

We aren’t big on superstition in the Larming household, but this one is too fun to disregard. Here you see my OLD velvet pillbox (refurbished for the event) and NEW Fluevog shoes, the pearl necklace BORROWED from Rachel, and the BLUE flowers embroidered on my grandmother’s lawn handkerchief.

First order of business, post-ceremony: call your mother! Ramona was bursting to share the news and to pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly in celebration. I was so sorry not to have her with us on the day, but at least modern technology let us connect and share photos immediately afterward. And, while we were at dinner, pictures from other friends, toasting the news, started rolling in. It was touching to have so many people celebrating with us, no matter how far away they were.

We had almost an hour until our dinner reservation, so we took some pictures in the park across the street from the courthouse. (My hair did that wispy, curling thing all on its own. GOOD haircut, must keep it in shape.)

There’s a triumphant gleam in my eye in so many of these shots. Oh yeah, I know what I’ve got here. I’ve got the real thing, baby.

Another sweet candid, taken as we were waiting for the valet to retrieve our car. I love that face so much.

To finish, a less-formal version of our “official” portrait. It was a really good day.

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  1. These are awesome shots taken of the very best people – win with a side of awesome washed down with a cocktail of fabulous. *heart*

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