BBCAmerica is advertising their broadcast of the BAFTAs tomorrow night, which means it’s been a year since our trip to London! We flew out a year ago today, in fact. And Valentine’s Day rolling around again reminds me of the wonderful Valentine’s night Ken and I spent walking around central London with no set goal in mind, picking streets with the flip of a coin, open to whatever shops, sights, and experiences we might stumble upon. It was a highlight of the trip–as a high-planning personality, it’s good for me to get a little lost now and then.

All of which reminds me that I still haven’t done any sort of recap of 2012 here on the blog–either of books read, or of life in general. I’ve started a few drafts, but so much happened last year, covering such a range of emotion, that I stall out quickly. Last summer, we were talking with our friends Rachel & Corvus about the fact that amongst us, we’d experienced several of life’s most stressful events: moving to a new house, death of a close friend, major illness/surgery, change in work responsibilities, vacation, and marriage–all in just two months. No wonder we were worn out!

When I start trying to sum it all up, what comes to mind is the opening narration of Babylon 5: “It was the year of rebirth, the year of great sadness, the year of pain, and a year of joy…It was the year everything changed.” Things happened that I wish we could have prevented, although some good things came out of them, too. Would I give up being married to Ken, if it meant he wouldn’t have diabetes? Of course, in an instant. But he does, and as a direct result, we are; I guess it’s all right to enjoy some consequences, isn’t it? In fact, isn’t that the best we can do with any bad event–try to grow something good from the experience, to gain some wisdom or appreciation or sweetness from the pain?

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